This web site is one of several run by and for the members of the Silversurfers Newsgroup. If you already have news groups set up, clicking on the link below will open up a news reader and add the group to your list news:uk.people.silversurfers.

In here you will find a list of participants (usually out of date as new people join and some prefer to remain unlisted), poems, humorous items and links to members Web sites.

This web site grew out of the Lineone Silver Surfers Forum. A place of profound advice on matters as diverse as virus checkers and clootie dumplings, for support in time of need, terrible jokes and the wisdom of the mature mind! And, of course, local weather reports. And you could ask the questions you were too ashamed to ask in the "technical forums."
Unfortunately Lineone was taken over by Tiscali, not in itself a bad thing but Tiscali decided that the Forums would be web view only. So the newsgroup was created for those who prefer to use a news reader. During the creation process the ex-Lineoners met and became firm friends with the ex C and W members whose forums had suffered a similar fate.

The newsgroup has been accused of being a "non-real-time chat room".   We take this as a compliment.

My name is Ascii Art and although I maintain this web site, the ideas and content belong in the main to the Silversurfers. Credit must also be given to Itsjustmee, the original designer of this site and the brains behind the newsgroup and to my predecessor Scrappy T. Bear. Before I forget, a special THANK YOU to the person who registered the URL and another extra special THANK YOU to the anonymous person who is paying for the hosting.
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